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Lホール 会議センター3F

12 (SUN) Afternoon 13:00〜14:30 プログラム
Science Connection:Periodontal Treatment
Gerald V. Denis
Gerald V. Denis


Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Professor of Pharmacology (joint)
Cancer Research Center, and Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM)
Personal Statement
I am a molecular oncologist with experience in immune cell cancers and chromatin control of the cell cycle. My lab has shown in mouse models that elevated expression of the bromodomain protein Brd2 causes cancer, but low levels of Brd2 protect mice from obesity-associated insulin resistance and glucose intolerance, establishing an unexpected model for ‘metabolically healthy’ obesity.
Positions and Employment
1979‐81 Research assistant, Physics Department, Harvard University. High Energy Physics Laboratory, Cambridge, MA
1981‐83 Research assistant, Biochemistry Department, Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM)
1983‐85 Research assistant, University of Tokyo, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tokyo, Japan
1985‐90 Research assistant, Molecular and Cellular Biology Department, University of California, Berkeley
1991‐96 Fellow, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Massachusetts Medical Center, Worcester
1997‐00 Instructor in Medicine, Cancer Research Center, BUSM
2000‐10 Assistant Professor of Medicine, BUSM
2003‐10 Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, BUSM
2003‐ Member and Instructor, Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine, BUSM
2003‐ Hematology Training Program-affiliated faculty member, “Research Training in Blood Diseases and Resources”, T32 HL007501, BUSM
2006‐11 Scientific co-Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility, BUSM
2012 Director, Flow Cytometry Core Facility, BUSM
2007‐ Immunology Training Program-affiliated faculty member, “Research Program in Immunology”, T32 AI007309, BUSM
2008‐ Boston Nutrition Obesity Research Center-affiliated faculty member P30 DK046200, BUSM
2010‐ Associate Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology




Unresolved inflammation in risks for diverse diseases


All human biological processes require balance, which is also called ‘homeostasis’. Nowhere is balance more important than in the immune system, such as the resolution of inflammation. Once an infection is cleared, or a wound is healing, the body resolves inflammation and restores balance. Many important diseases arise because of the body’s failure to find this balance. Needless to say, chronic imbalance can be highly dangerous, like smoldering fire in hot coals, because it is not always obvious and persists years, hiding in vital organs and causing trouble. Unresolved inflammation in periodontal disease has been proposed to undermine whole-body metabolism and increase risks of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. Rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, inflammatory bowel diseases and certain cancers also have an inflammatory basis. In our presentation, we will show clinical cases associated with these conditions, discuss insight into cellular behaviour and explain current concepts of acute and chronic inflammation.



「第8回 日本国際歯科大会2018」公式サイトがオープンしました。ぜひ、こちらよりご利用ください。
第7回 日本国際歯科大会ならびに第7回ワールドデンタルショー2014が大盛況のうちに閉幕いたしました。全国より多数のご参加まことにありがとうございました。
12日(日)Bホール 講演時間:16:00~17:00 Otto Zuhr先生の講演タイトルが「Plastic surgery without papilla incision」に変更になりました。
12日(日)Lホール 講演時間:9:00~12:00の「MFTシンポジウム」において、William Zickefoose先生が都合により来日できなくなりました。代わりに、DVDによる講演になります。
12日(日)Lホール 講演時間:14:30~17:30 「チームでアプローチ! インプラントメインテナンス」において、Susann Lindgren先生が都合により来日できなくなりました。代わりに、パワーポイントによる講演になります。
10日、Dホール 講演時間:15:30~15:45 大住祐子先生の講演は都合によりキャンセルとなりました。
11日、Bホール 講演時間:9:40~10:40、Iñaki Gamborena先生の講演は都合によりキャンセルとなりました。9:40~10:20の時間帯は、同セッション12:00~12:40講演予定となっておりましたGivi Ordzhonikidze先生の講演に変更になります。
12日、アネックスAホール 講演時間:9:00~10:15
Alwin J. Schönenberger先生の講演は都合によりキャンセルとなりました。代演は、桑田正博先生の「1980~オールセラミックの時代 1962~P.F.M. 再びオールセラミックの時代到来か?」となります。